El Pasoans fill the streets to get last glimpse of Juan Gabriel

Marissa Armas

EL PASO, TX (KTSM) - On Saturday evening Juan Gabriel's ashes were escorted from West El Paso to the Stanton Bridge for "El Divo's" last ride.

Hundreds of El Pasoans showed up on Saturday to get a final glimpse of Juan Gabriel. Several people say that it was an honor that Juan Gabriel's family choose to also include the Sun City in his final goodbye.

"I was shocked I was very excited to see him, but then at the same time I just kinda felt very sad," says Beatriz Alvarez.

With a heavy police presence and a handful of vehicles following behind, Juan Gabriel's ashes were escorted via a procession from West El Paso through the Stanton Bridge to his final resting spot in Ciudad Juarez.

"It's sad to see him return in ashes but well it's sad, my hands were shaking as i was video taping passing by," says Angela Vazquez who works nearby.

According to the owner of Perches Funeral Home, Juan Gabriel's family and officials in Juarez wanted to ensure that his fans would be able to see his urn.  The urn was mounted to the top of a hearse on a wooden structure with over 500 roses.

"I believe this just brings two cities together and tighter, you know and he was just loved in both cities. there are so many people who live in El Paso also families, and i just think it's an honor to have him here," says Salvador Perches.

Alvarez says it was an honor to see him in El Paso. "Since he was you know considering Juarez as his hometown and El Paso I think it's a privilege you know that they considered having both cities... an honor to have him here," she says.

What first felt like a celebration of life for "El Divo de Juarez" with singing and dancing,  quickly changed to a moment of sadness as many said goodbye to Juan Gabriel for one last time.

"Well may be rest in peace and we'll keep enjoying his music," says Angela Vazquez.

The owner of Perches Funeral Home says they anyone interested in signing a memorial book for Juan Gabriel's family can do so at any of their locations.


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